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If you’ve recently had a baby, your body probably isn’t in its peak form. You can feel more than comfortable with your current figure, but it’s also perfectly understandable to want to get back to the gym, or start going for the first time, in order to get fit. Luckily for you, post pregnancy programs are available here in Las Vegas for you, so read on to see if it’s the right fit to meet your health goals.



Don’t let the name confuse you. If you’ve ever had a personal trainer build a workout regimen for you for at the gym or at home, this is very similar. A personal trainer works one on one with you to learn what your goals are and, based on your body type and current state of health, develope the workout and nutrition plan that will help you meet those goals quickly and properly.

If you are within two years of having been pregnant, a post pregnancy program is what you need. That’s right. Even two years after a pregnancy your body works differently and needs different nutrients and workout moves. Trying to build your own program won’t be efficient and could be hazardous to your health. Let a trained professional with the necessary experience and knowledge to guide you in this process to a healthier you!


You might be wondering why you need to hire a post pregnancy program personal trainer instead of simply a general personal trainer. The short answer is: many personal trainers are trained or equipped properly for your unique post pregnancy needs. There is special training to be able to able to help a woman in that specific state exercise safely.

Below are some of the many reasons a post pregnancy exercise program is different from a regular one. Be warned: some of them are a bit embarrassing. But there is no reason to feel bad. Pregnancy is a completely natural process and our post pregnancy personal trainers at Personal Trainer Las Vegas understand that fact. We’re a no judgement haven that cares only about your health.


if you’re breastfeeding, you understand how this can be a big roadblock for a workout. Your breasts are heavier than usual, prone to soreness, and highly sensitive. This is why post pregnancy programs tend to avoid things like jump squats, jumping jacks, or burpees. Plus, you’re also prone to leaking. It’s an unfortunate fact of the situation. And, while bra pads are available to try to help avoid a possibly embarrassing leak, you need a personal trainer who understands the possibility. And, more importantly, is willing to work with you to clean up and adjust.

Declined Energy Levels

There are both physical and mental sides to this issue. Not only is your body working overtime to produce milk, taking away from your energy supply, but your new bundle of joy has you on a virtually nonexistent sleep schedule. Not to mention the anxiety and stress of being a new parent can wear you down. You’re probably not ready to jump right into a high energy, full intensity workout. You need to start slow and build up as your body recovers from such a monumental moment in your life.

Poor Muscle Recovery

This is similar to the previous point. Your body has gone through a traumatizing, though rewarding experience. Plus, you’re focusing on producing milk and losing sleep for the sake of your little one. Your body does not have what it needs to recover quickly in between workouts. Regular gym sessions aim to create microscopic tears in the muscle tissue that will heal on your day off into even stronger muscle. But a post pregnancy body is not as capable of this duty. Your personal trainer needs to understand the scientific limitations you’re facing right now and carefully monitor how you’re doing to make the best and safest decisions for you. Putting your workout in just anyone’s hands could be potentially dangerous.


if you know what that words means, and you probably do, you may not be too thrilled to see it here. For those of you who don’t know, it is defined in the dictionary as a lack of voluntary control of urination. And this is, regrettably, a common side effect of having had children. Even women who don’t have this as severely as others (some experience leaking with even just a sneeze) may experience issues when doing strenuous exercises. Jumping jacks are the number one culprit of this and a proper post pregnancy personal trainer will know to avoid them. But accidents do happen, so don’t feel bad if your session needs to be put on pause to clean up. Your personal trainer is trained for these situations and he or she is here to help, not judge, you.

Now you might better see why a specialized post pregnancy program is vital for your health. A regular program just won’t get the job done and could be straight out dangerous and prone to embarrassing incidents. Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect fit for your needs.


In most cases, the answer to the question above is yes. The personal trainers have plenty of experience working with post pregnancy women to create safe and effective programs. More importantly, they know how to recognize warning signs that something may not be right and how to adjust to keep everyone happy and healthy.

However, it’s important that you check regularly with your doctor. There are still many unanswered questions out there about how pregnancy affects the body and what is right for a woman afterward. Get your physicals and seek medical attention if anything feels wrong. You need to listen to your body or else pay the consequences.

We care about you. We care about the fact that you want to get back in shape after a challenging nine months. We care that you remain safe and happy during this road to a better you. Rest assured that when you’re with Personal Trainer Las Vegas, you’re with a personal trainer that wants to see you succeed and will do everything possible to make the process smooth. And we’re always here if you ever any questions or concerns.


Ready to start down the post pregnancy program path? We want to work one on one with you to create a customized program that fits your needs, capabilities, and desired goals. So give us a call today and enjoy a personal trainer experience you can trust. We look forward to working with you soon!