How to achieve your fitness goals – 10 tips for Success!

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Getting the motivation to set specific fitness goals is a great first step. The important part, however, is following through with this goal and committing to a lifestyle change. Just like any other goal in life, having a fitness goal takes work and dedication. Here are ten tips to keeping a positive attitude and refusing [...] Read More

Bodybuilder / Mass Gainer Nutrition – What to eat and not to eat?

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Build Lean muscle / Gain Mass Nutrition - Proper Bodybuilding nutrition There’s plenty of advice out there for people trying to lose weight, but what if you struggle with gaining lean muscle mass? It’s a more common problem than you think! Even if you’re working with a Las Vegas personal trainer to build muscle, it [...] Read More

8 Reasons why it is better to workout with a Las Vegas personal trainer than on your own!

Your workout is more effective with a qualified, fitness expert, personal trainer.
Working out with a personal trainer can greatly maximize the time you spend in the gym. It is well worth the investment to get one-on-one attention and direction when it comes to your physical health. The lessons learned from a personal trainer can be carried with you throughout your exercise career and you can be [...] Read More